Clementine Hall of psychedelic-rock pioneers the 13th FLOOR ELEVATORS with Psych Trail Mix - Issue #10
The in-depth interview that I conducted with Clementine for issue #10 is one of the most fascinating interviews ever in any issue of the fanzine. Clementine Hall was wife of Tommy Hall (main lyricist of the band and jug player) and played an integral part in helping the band come up with their name. Clementine sang backup vocals on some of the songs as well. She played an integral role in nurturing the band, cooking for them, giving affection and encouragement, and helping them through various drug busts and harassment from the authorities. The 13th Floor Elevators didn't just play psychedelic music (and some of the best psych ever they played indeed), they LIVED it and put their lives on the line for it. While many in the 60's were preaching of a revolution against the government or authority, the 13th Floor Elevators message was one of INNER-revolution, a revolution of the mind