Chronicles I & II
Label: Subterranean Records
Released: 1982 (as part of Chrome Box)

Anorexic Sacrifice
Open Up (Locust Door)
Wings Born In The Night
Beacons To The Eye
Gehenna Lion (Gehenna To Cannaan)

The Chronicles I and II are albums full of repetitive type jam sort of songs, not that it's a bad thing. There is some great guitar work on here and some really trippy jam type stuff, so you still get the Chrome sound. Anorexic Sacrifice is the only song on here with a song type structure. I particularly enjoy Tribes on here, it'll literally put you in a daze listening to this weird little jam.

Damon Edge - synths, vocals, tapes
Helios Creed - guitars, vocals
Hilary Stench - bass
John Stench – drums