Helios Creed
Chromagnum Man
Label: Dossier
Released: 1998

Dimension 5
1000 Years Of Space (The Gate)
World Infiltration III (The Dragon)
Dimension 6
The Rapture
Twilight Zone
Level 7
Chromagnum Man


The best way to describe this record would be weird acidic levels of weird acidic levels. A wide range of contributors this time around also with John and Hilary Haines on bass and drums who used to play on the old Chrome records (Blood On The Moon, 3rd From The Sun, Chronicles I and II). Lots of really cool synth sounds in this one accompanied by Helios signature guitar sounds. Helios is a fan of the old Twilight Zone show and there is a little tribute song to the show here. Rapture is a unique song with over-layered female vocals forming some really ethereal sounds accompanied with Helios guitar between them.

Helios Creed - guitar, bass, vocals, synths, samples
Z Sylver - synths, vocals, samples
Tommy L. Cyborg - drum machine, synths, vocals
Nova Cain - guitar
Theo Creed - guitar
Paul Della Pelle - drums
John Haines - drums
Hilary Haines - bass
Chris McKay – bass