Date: October 3, 2008
Location: Baltimore, MD
Venue: Talking Head

This would be the last of the 3 shows I attended from the amazing Dual Forces: Chrome and Helios Creed tour. We made the 2 hour journey to the city of Baltimore and arrived at the Talking Head club, the place was packed like a sardine can! The one annoying thing about this show (only prior to Helios taking the stage were you able to notice it really) were all the drunken morons in attendance. I have nothing against drinking, but these people were completely wasted and acting like a-holes. They're kinda missing the whole point! You're here to see Chrome and Helios Creed, a psychedelic experience. Getting so drunk like that so that you don't remember the show the next day just sort of cheapens the whole thing! One little trendy fashion whore moron was all drunk and kept accusing me of stealing his things, then after accusing me about 4 times he finds his stuff and says "found it!" What a total douche-bag! Anyway..... once Helios took the stage I forgot about and didn't even realize the people around me. This was hands down the BEST Chrome/Helios Creed show I have ever seen, period. Again, half Helios Creed songs and half Chrome songs. Amazing psych-o-delic light show courtesy of Craig Smith, who is also the creator of the film "Psychedelic Glue Sniffin Hilbillies" that features Helios music. The set was incredible, I was right up front to witness the madness. Helios was on fire. This was a true psychedelic experience, you were dazed/in a trance throughout the set. It felt like I was on drugs when I wasn't on anything at all! I think Helios achieved his goal of making people high from his music alone! The end of the show there was a weird feeling in the air. The crowd was blown away (at least the ones that weren't completely drunk), true fans mingled afterwards and exchanged words with one another and Helios. One guy walked up and gave me a free signed silk-screen poster for the show, which I now have framed and hanging in my lair. Absolutely amazing show! Here's some pics I took and the setlist below.

Submitted By: Me (Brent Marley)


Some Way Out
The Dream
The Diplomat
The Descent
Monster Lust
Who Cares
TV As Eyes
March Of The Chrome Police
Chromosome Damage
In A Dream
Meet You In The Subway
Abstract Nympho
3rd From The Sun
Dark Side Of The Sun