Date: March 16, 2006
Location: Austin, TX
Venue: Room 710

I actually flew in from Philadelphia to see a string of 3 shows, 3 consecutive nights in a row. This was the first of those 3 shows. This show was the record release party for Deep Blue Love Vacuum as well as a show that was part of the 2006 SXSW Festival. There were limited edition copies of Deep Blue Love Vacuum available with the "rib" cover, the first time the album was released was this show. Really nice set, it started out with the intro to Deep Blue kicking into Beginning of Light. Fabienne Shine joins in to perform the Chrome song "Off The Line" as well as a Velvet Underground cover AND an original from Deep Blue Love Vacuum. Fabienne and Helios fuse together nicely as a duo onstage. Great set and a huge crowd as normally Austinites are very supportive of Helios! Below is the setlist and some pictures from the show.

Submitted By: Me (Brent Marley)
Photographs By: Amanda Smith


Deep Blue Love Vacuum (Intro)
Beginning Of Light
March Of The Chrome Police
Some Way Out 
The Dream
The Diplomat
Off The Line
Sandbox Jungle
All Tomorrow's Parties