Nik Turner
Space Ritual 1994 Live (2 CD)
Label: Cleopatra
Released: 1995

Disc 1:

Ghost Dance
Watching The Grass Grow
Master Of The Universe
Sonic Attack
God Rock/Slo-Blo
Throw Away The Rind
Utopia 2000

Disc 2:

The Awakening
The Right Stuff
Armour For Everyday
Nirbasion Annasion
You Shouldn't Do That
TV As Eyes
Orgone Accumulator
Silver Machine

This is an official release of a really great sounding soundboard recording from the Nik Turner Space Ritual tour of 1994 that Helios embarked on with Nik. Many great old songs from Nik's Hawkwind days as well as some Nik solo stuff. Helios guitar really adds to the space rock sonic attack arsenal of Nik Turner and company. Helios guitar work adds intensity and that acid punk guitar sound that we love from so many Helios records to Nik Turner's Hawkwind space rock sound, it's an incredible combination!

-Recorded live February 15, 1994 at the Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA

Nik Turner - vocals, saxophone, flute
Del Dettmar - synthesizer (moog)
Helios Creed - guitar, vocals
Paul Della Pelle - drums
Paul Fox - bass
Genesis P-Orridge - vocals
Tommy Grenas - guitar
Len Del Rio - producer, mixed by, electronics
Alan Powell - percussion