Retro Transmission
Label: Cleopatra Records
Released: 1997

Intro/Chili Con Carnage
Artificial Human
Sirius System
More Space
Retro Transmission
Saint Jimmy’s Birthday


This is the first of a few albums where Helios reforms Chrome with some new members and also some old members from the original Chrome Period (John and Hilary Stench). The beginning intro starts things off kicking into the fuzzed to all hell Chili Con Carnage. Great synthesizer from Z Sylver and Tommy Grenas. Very distorted Chrome-esque vocals with the feel of the old days. More Space is one of the best on here, just a constant flow of fuzzed out riffage with signature Helios Creed vocals and ripping guitar. Retro Transmission is about 10 minutes of madness reminiscent of something off of maybe Read Only Memory. Good start of what would be a few resurrections of Chrome.

Helios Creed – guitar, vocals, samples
John Stench – drums
Hilary Stench – bass
Tommy L. Cyborg – synths, vocals
Nova Cain – guitar
Paul Della Pelle – drums
Z Sylver – synths