Red Exposure
Label: Siren Records
Released: 1980

New Age
Eyes On Mars
Static Gravity
Eyes in the Center
Electric Chair
Night of the Earth


Red Exposure is a bit cleaner sounding and more polished, but still a classic Chrome album with plenty of strangeness within. Now when I say cleaner sounding, I am talking about Chrome, so it's a comparison to their previous works. New Age is just a wonderful absolute classic Chrome song that really sort of signifies what they band are about. Eyes On Mars just gradually builds up with intensity, a very strong track. Animal is another classic, starting out with a sample of some church hymn singing, Helios guitar work is great on this track. A great eerie gem here with Red Exposure.

Damon Edge - drums, synths, tapes, vocals
Helios Creed - vocals, guitars, bass
Gary Spain - bass, violin, keyboards
John L. Cyborg - effects, white noise

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