Nik Turner
Prophets Of Time
Label: Cleopatra
Released: 1994

Watching The Grass Grow
Children Of The Sun
Strontium 90
Chances Lost
Stonehenge, Who Knows?
Cybernetic Love
Armor For Everyday
Bones Of Elvis
Walking In The Sky
Lunar Sea
Space Station Announcement

I bought this with high hopes, I love Nik Turner and obviously Helios guitar playing. I actually got it fairly recently. I'm addicted to the Space Ritual 94 Live cd reviewed here, so I thought this would be great as well... but the mix is just horrible! Helios plays guitar on it, really?? Well then it must be buried in this mix so deep it's hardly audible! The songs on it are great though, a bunch of stuff played on the Space Ritual 94 Live Tour, but this mix is terrible. It's a shame. Sphynx is much much better and you can actually HEAR Helios play!

Nik Turner - vocals, saxophone, flute, noises
Helios Creed - guitar, effects (guitar effects)
Paul Fox - bass, guitar, synthesizer (moog), tape, producer
Len Del Rio - synthesizer, producer, drum programming, engineer, mixed by, mastered by
Brandon Labelle - drums
Tommy Grenas - guitar, synthesizer (moog), electronics (tone generators), tape, backing vocals, producer
Genesis P-Orridge - vocals
Simon House - electric violin, effects, keyboards
Babyface Welsh - trumpet