Helios Creed
Planet X
Label: Amphetamine Reptile Records
Released: 1994

Fire In The Head
Dog Star
Kurt Zombie
First Encounter
Plato’s Cave
Won’t Kill Myself
Next Encounter
The Ascent

Planet X is a very strange record. Starts off with a really strange song entitled Tele-Vision, lots of loops and weirdness going on here. Plato's Cave is a great slow spacey instrumental with some great feedback and just dripping delicious psychedelic brain candy. Kurt Zombie is a song about Kurt Cobain, killer guitar on this one. Lots of great samples of weird stuff. There's even a song (more of an experiment) at the end with Gibby Haynes ranting like a corrupt preacher on TV with Helios warping Gibby's vocals! Yeah, Gibby is usually the one to warp his own vocals with his Gibbytronix, but in this case Helios is turning the dials.

Helios Creed - guitar, synths, vocals
Paul Della Pelle - drums
Z Sylver - synths, samples
Chris McKay – bass