Helios Creed
“NUGG” The Transport
Label: Dossier
Released: 1996

Cross The Line
Vacuum Cleaner
Scorpio Girl
Alien Landscape
Space Monkey
Sonic Boom
Nothing Wrong
Time Of Peace

America Is In Good Hands
Time Of Peace (Pt. 2)

This album has an interesting mix bag of different things in it. Hard driving space rock sort of song with Vacuum Cleaner and the spaced out rockin Alien Landscape or Space Ride it's been called. One interesting thing about this record is the contributors involved; ex Butthole Surfers bassist Jeff Pinkus contributes some bass tracks, Rey Washam of Scratch Acid re-emerges (from Boxing The Clown) to do some more drum work for Helios. I even heard that Jeff Pinkus contributed in a long distance sort of way mailing Helios some of his contributions for this! Sonic Boom is an awesome song, a flanged out acid punk space rocker, flying through a time warp. Nothing's Wrong is a great song from back when it was released as a single in 89', it's included here on this album. Lots of synth work here too, with weird alien voices on Obducted - Leaving. Plenty of samples here as well.

Helios Creed - guitar, vocals, synths, samples
Z Sylver - synths, samples
Paul Della Pelle -drums
Jeff Pinkus - bass
Frank Gary Martin - drums
Rey Washam – drums