No Humans Allowed
Label: Expanded Music
Released: 1982

The Manifestation
In A Dream
Read Only Memory

This album includes both tracks from the Inworlds 12" (Dangerzone and In A Dream), Informations from the New Age 7", the entire Read Only Memory album and an unreleased track entitled The Manifestation. So it's a great little compilation really as you get all these things in one album. I love the album art for this one as well. Lots of experimentation and walls of sonic madness on this.

Damon Edge -synths, vocals, tapes
Helios Creed - guitars, vocals
Hilary Stench - bass
John Stench – drums


-Also Released as part of Chrome Box

-Helios' comments on the song "Dangerzone": "This isn't a song, it's an experiment, and a studie on sound vibrations using music as the vehicle, Tesl'e would of dug it, and maybe me? and maybe the potential of my idea? . Further studies were carried out and integrated it into the album "Red exposure". Damon and I didn't just feel it like a scientist, We feel in a greater, we used to tell our selves, we are scientists. It all led us to ask the Question How to tap frequencies that not only sound incredible but can effect the actual make up of atoms and what does Tesl'e and Jesus have in common? They both spoke of moving mountains with different frequencies vibration and further studies were needed. He died and the government took over and now they have Harpp? I guess if you don't know about harpp you have a little home work-----PEACE LOVE and PROSPERITY to all, my blessings go out to every one"