HELIOS CREED NEWS No. 9 July 27, 2005

Hello, Helios Creed fans! KraZeE CyN here. Is it really almost August already? Sorry for the long delay since the last newsletter. Not only
have I been extremely busy and burdened by health problems this summer, but the free hotmail account I was using couldn’t handle the large number of newsletter recipients. It kept locking me out of my account for weeks on end, every time I did a newsletter. What I’d like to know is, why can’t they do that to all of the spammers??? They seem to have no problem blowing out my e-mail account even after I report them as junk. Wassup with that? Anyway, this and all future newsletters will come from the new subscription hotmail account, courtesy of fan, Brent Marley! Thank you Brent - you’re the $hit! And don’t worry, any of you can still reach me at my other e-mail account if you need to.

Where to begin? Helios and I have so many projects on the table - none of which are anywhere near complete (except the new CD - read below). I’m still waiting on video tapes before I can begin the video project for Helios - which will include clips from the January party, recording sessions and the show in Austin. The live soundtrack of the show has been mixed and ready for months (thanks to Richard Smith and Jerry Page - you two rock!). At this point, we might consider releasing the soundtrack in advance of the DVD, depending on demand. This is your chance to e-mail me and let me know if you would buy it if it were available - if we get enough responses we will do a small first production and take it from there!

The upcoming Helios Creed CD will be mastered next month. Originally, Helios planned to do two CD’s - Chrome and Helios Creed. Now, Helios has decided to combine the material onto one CD - so it will be comprised of songs recorded at both Helios’ studio in Kansas and Bubble Recording Studio (Frenchy at majordudes@yahoo.com) in Austin. We are extremely excited to have Jerry Tubb of Terra Nova Digital Audio (http://www.terranovamastering.com) on-board to master the new CD! Jerry Tubb came highly recommended to me by Frenchy Smith, Jerry Page and J.D. (Jeff) Pinkus. Jerry has mastered over 6,000 CD’s to date, for bands such as Butthole Surfers, Honky, Rocky Erickson, 13th Floor Elevators, Tom Waits, Phish, Debbie Harry and ST-37 (one of the bands who played at the party I threw for Helios back in January outside of Austin. If you get a chance or are in need of someone to do a first-class CD mastering, check out their website (above).

Interview With Helios:

Krazee Cyn: Helios, I’ve heard the rough mix of the CD and I must say it absolutely kicks ass! Tell us a little about the new CD.

Helios: “It rocks! I think it could be the best CD of Helios Creed and Chrome, rolled into one. That’s my personal opinion, but you will have to decide for yourselves - so buy it and let me know what you think. Please don’t download it, because not only will you miss the artwork, but you also won’t be supporting me or the band.”

Krazee Cyn: What can you tell us about the songs on the new CD?

Helios: “I think that they are a reflection of my feelings on the world conditions as I see them and that it’s the essence of Chrome. Throughout the time I was doing Chrome, when you look at a chrome bumper or anything shiny, it reflects the world in its most twisted form. Not like a mirror, because it is usually curved and twisted, like my songs.”

Krazee Cyn: Haven’t you decided not to call it a Chrome CD?

Helios: “It will have the essence of Chrome, because me and Fabienne Shine are two original members of Chrome. Paul Della Pelle played on some of my Chrome CD’s AND Jeff Pinkus and Jerry Page are both big Chrome fans, so we were all aiming to make a Chrome CD. But, because Damon Edge’s sister, Sharon might profit if the CD makes money, because it will help sell the back Chrome catalog, I can’t call it Chrome. I’m going to be sure to add “Essence of Chrome” on the CD. Anyway, it looks like Sharon is now going to take 75% of all Chrome royalties because she produced a bogus will. I don’t want to see her profit when she didn’t have anything to do with the band. I don’t even want to go off on that.”

Krazee Cyn: Okay, let’s change the subject. Helios, with all that is going on right now in the world, for instance with Bush lying to get us into war (Downey Report), how do you think your music might help?

Helios: “Inspiration, escape, comradery, friendship, anti-capitalism and something we can all relate to. The reason I say anti-capitalism is because as soon as people get caught up in making money, they seem to forget about social problems like healthcare, schooling and lower and middle class. The people who live at the poverty level are reduced to slave-workers, basically. I’m not saying that capitalism has to be bad, but the problem with the way capitalism is being abused today by greedy, selfish people in power, is that they have no concern or compassion for the rest of the struggling society.”

Krazee Cyn: True - look at Canada - they take care of their people. So, what is your take on what is going on in our country?

Helios: “Well,” he says in his best Nixon voice, “the war is a mess.” “The government’s tool is to keep everybody in fear. That’s how they believe they can stay in control. Then people let them have control for the sake of homeland security, such as allowing their bags to be searched randomly, people being held in jails without charges being filed, reinstating the Patriot Act over and over again, and allowing the government to add more conditions to it. When people live in fear, they’re willing to submit to all of this control, because they feel safer. But, they are oblivious to the fact that they are losing more freedom each and every year.”

“Since we haven’t had a major attack since 9/11 (if that was even caused by terrorists), I feel the government’s goal is to incite more terrorism, rather than stop it. It’s all so the people on the top can have more wealth and control.”

Krazee Cyn: How do you think this will affect us all in the future?

Helios: “I think because of the greed and control of the natural resources of the planet, that China, the second biggest industrialized nation in the world, is competing for the same dwindling resources, oil and whatnot, that we are in the U.S. This is creating tension between China and the U.S., which could easily turn into war. If Russia jumps on the bandwagon with China and sides with the middle-east, we’ll have a big problem. Of course the arrogant people in power feel they can solve any problem with their superior military technology and whatnot, but do they ever stop to think about the consequences to all of the people on this planet? I don’t think so.”

Krazee Cyn: What do you think those consequences might be?

Helios: “Well, there will be dyer consequences. Also, I think global warming from fossil fuels are contributing to drought, record storms, not enough rain in some places, too much in others, record heat waves, rainfalls and earthquakes. The burning of fossil fuels is destroying our environment. Could the earth be rebelling or is it just a submissive rock with no consciousness? In other words, we are already experiencing consequences of corporate and government actions.”

Krazee Cyn: You are so right on. Things are really getting crazier in the world aren’t they? Is there anything else you’d like to say to your fans?

Helios: “Tell everyone to write to me on www.MySpace.com and if they’re not already on it, join it and become my friend. I answer each and every e-mail that I receive. I look forward to talking with you all again soon!”

From Krazee Cyn:

The official websites for Helios Creed - www.helioscreed.com and Chrome http://www.staticwhitesound.com/chrome/ were both created and are maintained by Joe Dupre of www.staticwhitesound.com. Visit often, as the sites are updated regularly by Joe. Some of you may have met Joe in Austin this past January - he’s an invaluable member of the Helios Creed Family. Thanks Joe for all you do!

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Love and Peace,

Helios Creed and KraZeE CyN