HELIOS CREED NEWS No. 6 November 18, 2004

Hey y’all, KraZeE cYn here talkin’ at ya. It’s been a year since the first newsletter, and it’s amazing how fast time went (and how little I
accomplished). Where the hell does the time go, anyway???? I didn’t get half the stuff done I had hoped to do for H - boo hoo. All work and no play makes Krazee Cyn a dull girl.....................

H finally got ALL of his equipment repaired (and a new guitar), so he’s been able to lay down some tracks -- yeah! It sux tho’ cuz now H has been feelin’ less than well - the Hep C is kickin’ his a$$ again. If he can get the Hep C under control, 2005 promises to be the $hit – new Helios Creed and Chrome CDs, spring tour (U.S. only), possible new video(s), etc. Fortunately, H is feelin’ better now than he has in a month or so. He’s been sleeping for days at a time. We really hope it’s just a matter of build’n up his strength again so he can get on with his life. He’s taking vitamins, tryin’ hard to eat right, adjusting his attitude (naturally tho’- he gave up weed for his probation - couldn’t risk a third dirty u.a.). So pleeeze everyone - light up those Helios Creed prayer candles, pray, visualize and/or meditate (whatever) for Helios - as he can REALLY use all the help he can get right now – thanx all!

Fabienne, the late Damon Edge’s wife, plans to come visit me in January, the same time as H (I live close to Austin), so we’ll all be out and ‘bout. I’m sure you already know she was also a vocalist and back-up singer for Chrome. Fabienne has a new CD out called No Mad Nomad (notice the play on words AND if you read the title backwards, it’s Damon Damon - nice title). It’s under Fabienne and is on FB Music. Check it out! She has the voice of an angel, I’m tellin’ ya!

Like H, Fabienne hopes to do some jammin’ with local musicians while she’s here, and I plan to line up some gigs for both her and H in Austin. Fabienne also plans to sit in on the auditions for spring tour musicians that H will be holdin’. If you are a musician and interested in playin’ with either Fabienne or H while they are in Austin, (or are a friend or fan who wants to visit with/meet them) contact me at cynthiaobrien@hotmail.com. We might just have a big party! Any excuse for a party is a good one, eh? Keep in mind that any and all plans H and I are making are not set in stone cuz of his health.

A fan bought H a fairly new home ( nice eh?) not far from where he lives now (unfortunately it’s still in bumfuk Kansas, no offense). He hasn’t moved into it yet since he’s felt so crappy, but a change of place should do him good (at least for me it does - I couldn’t tell ya how many times I’ve moved)! All kinda $hit needs fixed in his current home - a/c, plumbing, floorboards, etc. It’s a really old place so ya know how that goes. Hopefully H will have the strength to move into the new place soon. If you live in the Kansas area and want to volunteer to help H move by any chance, contact me!!! Hey, don’t laugh, I’ve always heard the sign of a true friend is if they’ll 1) bail ya outta jail and 2) help your ass move - ha ha!.

Enough from me - here’s H:

Hello everybody! First, I’d like to give a review on Fabienne’s new CD, No Mad Nomad!! It’s not in the space rock genre like Damon and me, but here are the things that I like most about it: Each song is not indulgent because each song is short and to the point. You  can’t help but fall in love with her french accent. You can feel that not only is she a beautiful woman, but her heart is as beautiful as beauty itself. Each song has a way of making a warm feeling in your heart. You just want to give her a great big hug!! I’ve listened to the album, I believe six times, and each time I listen to it, I feel happier and happier.

She is such a wonderful person. I feel Damon was a fool for screwing up their relationship. If I had a woman like her, I would treat her like a
queen. You will pick this up on her music. She has talent beyond MTV or VH-1. She blows away all of the divas of today, but she has not yet
received her due. I am doing my best to get her on VH-1's Band’s United with Shaken Street, her band. I believe she deserves more notoriety, not just because she’s beautiful, but she has a heart of gold and both come through in her music. Fabienne has even been on tour with such major bands as Black Sabbath when they were at the peak of their popularity. Fabienne is from France. The French are not know for their rock bands, but Fabienne is one great exception.

Fabienne must be an angel from heaven here to enlighten us on love and beauty. If you knew her like I do, you would just want to embrace her for the whole world! Her voice is so enlightened because she has this French accent with an American perspective. Maybe you don’t like traditional rock, but the way Fabienne does it, we can’t deny her talent and love for humanity! All I can say is from the mind of a man who makes space rock and industrial dabbling, is that my whole heart goes out to her and I would do anything to make her life better. If you buy her record, I guarantee you will not be disappointed. No matter what kind of music you like, because of Fabienne’s pure soul and because she stuck with Damon Edge through thick and thin, you should give respect where it is due - for this amazing woman. She will soon be making a Chrome CD with me and I truly respect her for her

Back to me and my life, I don’t know what to say, except I somehow lost my license. It’s been revoked for three months. It’s been very hard to be me lately, and I thank God Fabienne came into my life like an angel! I appreciate all she has done for me, and I would do anything for her. If anyone out there has anything to do with the Band’s United show on VH-1, I’d like to talk with you about helping Fabienne. Also, if everyone would please write letters to the show, etc., we may be able to get her on.

I am working on my new CD – it’s been really rough without any support musicians. I’m still on probation, as you know, so it makes it tough. I can’t travel until January. Can it get any worse?? I love you all for supporting On the Dark Side, and believe you me, I am on the dark side right now. You might see that album as a musical prophecy for me and the rest of us. I pull no punches. Love, Helios Creed.

CD’s and Merchandise:

For all of those fans who missed the On the Dark Side Tour in 2003, the next best thing is now available!!! H now has an official live On the Dark Side Tour bootleg CD. Fifty percent of the profits from this CD will go into the Helios Creed’s 2005 tour fund! We are taking pre-orders at this time (we expect them to be ready to ship in a couple of weeks). You can purchase this CD by contacting me at the above e-mail address. Toxic Tommy did the art work for this CD and it is available for $17.00 plus shipping and handling, which includes an On the Dark Side Tour T-shirt (specify size please - no smalls or mediums left – also, we do ship internationally).

Sales are doin’ really well on the Chrome compilation put out by Cleopatra Records this past June. Check that out if you haven’t already. I went to Waterloo Records in Austin recently to pick up a copy and was disappointed that I couldn’t find even one Helios Creed or Chrome CD there. What’s up wit’ that? If you, too, are having trouble finding H’s last three CD’s, On the Dark Side of the Sun, Spider Prophecy or Chrome’s Ghost Machine, get on ‘em at your local music store to order some and check out the staticwhitesound.com or Amazon.com sites - you can order ‘em there.

As always, forward this newsletter to other fans and if anyone would like to be put on the direct mailing list, please let me know. I have posted the last two newsletters on the BHS board, but that isn’t the “norm.” I want to thank all of the musicians who contacted me regarding the spring tour - no date in January has yet been set, and I will contact you as soon as I have a date! Lastly, I want to thank the fans and especially Fabienne, for everything they do to help support Helios! You are our heroes!

Peace, love and happy holidays -

Helios Creed and KraZeE cYn