HELIOS CREED NEWS No. 5 August 17, 2004

Hello! I hope you have all had a great summer. I had a blast traveling.
The summer hasn’t been too bad for Helios, either! As usual, he’s had his ups and downs, but he always lands on his feet. H has a lot on the back burner and hopefully sometime this fall, he’ll be making some music! We’re still shopping record labels at the moment for a new CD H has been working on (without all of his equipment working). He recently spoke with Jeff Pinkus (of BHS and Honky) and it might work out that he can lay some tracks down with him on a project Jeff is working on. Kevin Stack of Gorch Fock has been talking with H about some guest appearance(s) this fall in Texas and Kansas.

The best news of all, H will tell you below!

August 3 - Helios Says:

In other world news, Alaska is melting! Greenland is getting green! And, I failed another urinalysis for marijuana and hope I don’t go to jail this time! I’ve been really good since the last u.a., only puffing once in six weeks and I still freakin’ flunked the u.a.! How’s that for rotten luck?? So, put in a good word to the Maker for me that they don’t make a federal case out of it! The only thing I have left to quit is cigarettes, but I need to wait until the stress of “waiting for the judgment” comes to pass. [14 days later, no word, so it’s lookin’ good and H and I have a pact to
quit smoking cigs on the 24th -- KC]

I had a psychic healing by a girl named Yolanda. She actually helped me out a lot. She’s very reputable and in the past, the police have used her to successfully solve homicides. She lives in Sedona, Arizona, and came to visit me in my home, after she continually began having dreams that she needed to contact me. Since the healing, I don’t need pain pills anymore or Klonipin to help me sleep! If anyone is in need of her assistance, her office phone number is 928-282-7336 or www.silent-love.com if you want to check out her website. I believe she’s the “real McCoy.” [update - Yolanda went to visit H again and he is doing VERY well – KC]

Record sales are continuing to pick up on The Dark Side of The Sun. I started a new solo project, and am still trying to get my equipment all
fixed so I can lay down some tracks. I’m planning to do a new Chrome record with Gary Spain, John Lambden, and Fabienne Shine (Damon’s wife) will appear vocally, and Tommy L. Cyborg and previous rythym section.

From Krazee Cyn: H is really doin’ well! He’s free of meds and has a GREAT attitude. I’ve been working with Fabienne Shine Wisse (formerly of Chrome, now on tour with her band Shaken Street out of L.A.) to help her obtain Damon Wisse’s royalties from Touch and Go Records. She gave them a deadline. She plans to use some of the royalties to fix H’s equipment so he can get his next CD out!! Wish us luck!

Thanks for all of the inquiries about H. I’m happy to update anyone via e-mail anytime.

From H 8/17: Going back to Yolanda again, she did a reading on my dad, who is a hard-core Catholic, is very skepitcal of psychics, and she totally won him over! She claimed that Helios Creed’s solo records have made her more psychic and she wanted to repay me for that gift. So check out her website.
Happy trails............