HELIOS CREED NEWS No. 4 May 27, 2004

From Krazee Cyn

Hello!  Every time I go out to see a show, I inevitably have someone ask me about the real story regarding the 2003 tour that ended abruptly in Cleveland.  H and I decided that the best course of action was to say nothing, but rumors flowed and one of the band members posted a bullshit story that it was a lack of money that ended the tour.  So, we have decided it’s time to tell H’s side of the story.

As most of you know, H was in a car wreck a week before the tour and smashed his finger. He had a pin in it and was in quite a lot of pain, so he was on painkillers (vicodin to be exact). He got a lot of shit from his band mates about taking his meds (which really seems unfair to begin with).  It’s no secret H sometimes takes too many of his pills. But, he ran out of them by the time they played in New Orleans (when I left the tour).

At the Cleveland show there was a heckler that was giving H a lot of shit. At the end of the set, he said something like “fuck you, you’re lame” or something to that effect and put down his guitar and walked off the stage. No encore. This put his band mates’ panties in a bunch or something.  Noel, the drummer and a newlywed, told Roddy and Chris that H was fucked up on his pills (not true).  That fueled the fire and Roddy, who just happened to be the driver and owner of the tour van, went off saying how H was “unprofessional” and all and told Chris and Noel he was leaving and they could either stay or come with. They chose to go with so they “could get home to their pussies” to quote H.

Not only that, Roddy had MY t-shirt money, which he stole, claiming H owed him money AND H’s bass guitar and equipment (he NEVER gave H back his guitar, the BASTARD).  Roddy was a complete DICK with his head so high up his ass, I’m surprised he didn’t gurggle farts when he talked and he was being an ass from day one (he has a real ego problem - kept telling H they were “equals.”).

Well, the guys started wiggin’ out in New York (being small town boys) so H, who had been paying their hotel, gas, meals AND on top of that was splitting the money from the shows equally between the four of them before doing so, decided he better only pay them a “per diem” to keep ‘em on the road.  That is, not paying the whole amount and holding back a bit.  That’s why Noel started the rumor about how H didn’t pay them.

H was MORE than fair - he paid for them out his own share of the four way split. Noel has no room to talk about H owing HIM money - as he lived with H for two months rent free and H even fed him while making “On the Dark Side.”Roddy stole not only MY t-shirt money, but H’s guitar (H broke his door down getting his speaker boxes and amp back from him).  I’m really sick of their whining!  They need to get over it.  I’ve had so many musicians tell me they’d pay H to play with him or play for free!

Noel has since “made up” with H (he was pissed off at H because he felt H “owed him”) but he did spread a lot of shit on both the Chrome and Butthole Surfers’ Boards.  Shame on him - maybe H should send him a bill for the rent and food for those two months Noel lived off of him - sorry Noel - I really like you, but you need to face the facts, hon and stop your bitchin’!  (Roddy - you’re a fuck up and I hope no one in their right mind ever gives you another chance - oh yea and on your band “Ramrod’s Invention” CD all you do is whine - grow up and get a life!).

The rest of my t-shirt money (that H was holding) went to buy him (with my blessings) a car so he could get back from Cleveland with the little equipment he had left.  And H had to pay off the promoters, etc. who got ROYALLY screwed thanks to Roddy AND Noel and Chris not standing up for H. Further, I never did get my investment out of the t-shirts since the tour was cancelled. So, that’s the scoop and the honest to God truth!!  It’s time the record is set straight.

From the H Man

I’ve heard there are rumors about Chrome going on tour.  That’s not going to happen for at least a year and a half.  I have been talking to Paul Della Pella and Bean about getting together and recording in a few months, though.

Another issue I want to bring up is about people making copies of CD’s for their friends.  I was at an acid party recently and they were playing
Spider Prophecy and Ghost Machine and I noticed that they were just copies.  I was glad everybody was enjoying the music and all, but that struck me as odd. I understand when someone is poor and can’t afford to buy the CD, but, if you have the money, please buy CD’s so the artist is being supported.  How can an artist afford to put out CD’s if nobody pays for them?

I want to thank everybody that sent me get well wishes recently when I was in the hospital.  I’m doing better now.  I really appreciated hearing from so many fans.  Thanks!

I’m doing an interview with Subzone (from the Chrome Board) tonight, and I imagine that will be posted, so look for that.

I’m working on some new material to shop around with the record labels.  Cyn found out that Amphetamine Reptile is re-releasing Last Laugh in June, so look for that.  A lot of people don’t have that CD because it was out of print for about 10 years, but now it will be available.  Cleopatra did a Chrome Anthology which is already available - FYI.


Until next time!


I still have t-shirts for sale left over from the 2003 Tour if anyone is interested.  I’ve been too busy to post them on eBay, so e-mail me
directly (cynthiaobrien@hotmail.com) if you want one. $10 plus postage (which cost more for those out of the U.S.).  We are all out of CD’s and so is H, sorry! You can still get the last three releases from staticwhitesound.com and there are a couple of tunes you can download from iTunes off of the “On the Dark Side” CD.

Later gator!


Helios Creed and Krazee Cyn