Helios Creed News No. 1


Welcome to the first Helios Creed News!  Helios wanted a forum to reach his fans while he is becoming computer literate and joining the 21st century! So, this is it!!

You will all be happy to know that Helios has reformed his band!  Helios will be putting another CD out in the near future, and is inquiring to his fans, to let him know what music they would like to hear next from him.

Question: IF you were to do psychedelics (even if you don’t do them) what type of psychedelic style of music would you prefer?

Helios Creed’s newest CD, “On The Dark Side of The Sun” is now available. It totally kicks ass and many, including  myself, have said it is the best yet!  If you would like to hear many of the songs from this CD, or order it online, check it out on http://www. Amazon.com!  If you haven’t added his two 2002 releases, Helios Creed “Spider Prophecy” or Chrome “Ghost Machine,” they are available at http://www. staticwhitesound.com.

Hopefully, many of you were able to catch the 2003 On the Dark Side summer tour.  Anyone wanting an official tour t-shirt can find them on
http://www.eBay.com  (offered by toxictommy69)  or order them through me.  Toxic Tommy also did the art for the t-shirts, as well as the covers of  Spider Prophecy and Ghost Machine.  If you liked his art, visit his  site on http://www. heathenworld.com

Many of Helios’ fans have asked what certain songs are about.  This is your forum to ask Helios and receive an answer!  Fire away!  He read me the story of Mother Shipton the other day,  whose life  was the inspiration for his song entitled  “Lady Deville.”  Mother Shipton was a prophet in the 15th century.  She did not receive the fame that  many prophets of the past have enjoyed, instead being burned at the stake after having been accused of being a witch!  Helios recommends that his fans enter “Mother Shipton” on your search engine to find many stories on this incredible, unappreciated woman. I was amazed at the stories Helios told me about her prophecies  and how accurate they were and those that are even at the present, coming true!


Some of you may be familiar with the “Chrome” website.  This is a members only site that offers a chat forum.  The site has served fans of Chrome (Damon Edge and Helios Creed).  Helios Creed continued to put out Chrome CD’s long after Damon Edge’s tragic death.  Many of the members belonging to this site are divided between these two legends of the original Chrome band. Helios has sometimes given input to this site through Toxic Tommy. He would like to clear up one of the biggest misunderstandings between his and Damon Edge’s fans.  What most of the devoted Damon Edge fans do not realize, is the fact that Helios and Damon remained friends to the end. 


Chrome disbanded because Damon moved to Europe and isolated himself while going through a horrendous break-up with his wife and he suffered from severe depression.  Damon and Helios were sending  tapes back and forth from Europe, and had a new CD in the works when Damon met his unfortunate end.  These tapes were incorporated into the Chrome CD’s that Helios went on to make.  “Angel of the Clouds” was Helios’ tribute CD to Damon Edge.  Helios has done his best to remain faithful to the “Chrome” sound!


The upcoming newsletter will publish  the results of Helios’ question to his fans as to the style of his next CD!  Be sure to send in your answers as soon as possible.  More explanations as to his inspiration for various songs will also be included in the next newsletter, as well as answers to any questions you might want to ask.  Send this e-mail to your  friends!  For those who would like to begin receiving these newsletters, please e-mail me. Helios and I look forward to hearing from you!


Krazee Cyn a/k/a Cynthia O’Brien a/k/a Mrs. Toxic