Date: March 18, 2006
Location: San Antonio, TX
Venue: The Limelight

This was the last show I saw on my trip to Texas in March of 2006. The previous night there was a party (not a show) at Trophy's in Austin, thrown by the folks at Whoopsy Magazine. Got to the club extra early and it was a super nice place, one of the cleanest clubs I've ever been to in my life. The opening band was great at this show. Helios took the stage a bit later and put on probably the best show I've seen of his up to this point. Very intense performance with an amazing light show to boot. The club had really nice sound so that made it that much better. Fabienne Shine (Damon Edge of Chrome's ex wife) joins Helios onstage again for a few songs. She sings an absolutely incredible cover of the Velvet Underground's "All Tomorrow's Parties," complete with Helios signature spacey guitar leads, this was the best they've played this song yet! Very intense performance here all around. Helios uses the old telephone again from back in the Chrome days on "March of The Chrome Police" and the new song "Cowboy" from Deep Blue Love Vacuum. Below is the setlist as well as some photographs I took at the show and some great pics that another fan took that I snagged online, wish I knew who it was so I could give them proper credit! If you're out there contact me so I can credit you for these great pics from the show!

Submitted By: Me (Brent Marley)


Beginning Of Light
March Of The Chrome Police
Some Way Out
The Dream
The Diplomat
Off The Line
Sandbox Jungle
All Tomorrow's Parties
To 2012