Ghost Machine
Label: Dossier Records
Released: 2002

The Wind
The Farm
Ghost Machine
The Magic Bong
Santa Will I Die
Inner Space
Black Plastic Bag


This is definitely in my opinion, the best of the post original Chrome, Chrome release by Helios and company. Definitely has that feel of old Chrome. There's even a cover of "Parchment Farm," entitled Farm, possibly a nod to Blue Cheer? Lots of good old dark eerieness and heavy guitar riffage going on here. The Wind even has a feel of some old Damon Edge stuff in it's synthy-ness. There's even a nice spacey song called The Magic Bong fully equipped with the bubbles of a bong baking. Great record, very Chrome, very outer space.

Helios Creed – guitar, vocals, synths
Aleph – drums, percussion
Nova Cain – guitar
Tommy L. Cyborg – keyboard, synths, vocals
Rodney Dangerous – bass