Date: August 19, 2003
Location: Baltimore, MD
Venue: Fletcher's

This was actually the very first time I had seen Helios perform live, this was the Dark Side of the Sun tour. I had tried relentlessly to get into the Philadelphia show that was a couple of days later, but the club wouldn't budge as I was under the age of 21. The opening band were even friends of mine, but the bastards wouldn't budge a centimeter! So my friend and I made the 2 hour journey to Baltimore for the all ages show, getting lost in ghettos of Baltimore on the way (if you go to Baltimore, know EXACTLY where you're going), eventually we did make it there. Had a chance to meet Helios for the first time and chat before the show which was very cool. When Helios and company hit the stage they blew me away! Up to this point in my life it was probably the absolute loudest show that I've ever seen! Helios volume knob on his amp must have been in the red (I'd find out in later years that this is the norm for Helios!). They played a bunch of new songs from the new record, Dark Side Of The Sun and a bunch of old songs as well, it was an amazing show. Helios even threw in his warped version of Black Sabbath's "Sweet Leaf" at the end of the show, penned Dark Side Of The Sun on the new album. I didn't bring a camera, BUT luckily for my first Helios Creed show there was a professional photographer present! Deb Kennedy took some great shots of the show, enjoy the photos below and a BIG thanks to Deb, please visit her site at: Glass Eye Photography

-Note: Turns out that Helios was screwed out of his money at this show even though he was the final performer and the headliner. The club said that Helios wasn't the main attraction! So I guess the whiny shitty emo opening band was?? Anyway, a big FUCK YOU to Fletchers and their shitty dive!

As far as the setlist, I'm not positive, but it's probably about 99% similar to the one below from the Philadelphia show a couple of days later.

Submitted By: Me (Brent Marley)


The Federation
The Probe
The Machine
Die To Fly
The Descent
Lactating Purple
Some Way Out
The Diplomat
The Sacrament
Dark Side Of The Sun
Kurt Zombie
Monster Lust
Late Bloomer