Helios Creed
Deep Blue Love Vacuum
Label: Noiseville Records
Released: 2006

Intro (Deep Blue Love Vacuum)
Beginning Of Light
Got To Have Someone
Sandbox Jungle
Fields Of Green
Help Me Bitch
All Tomorrow’s Parties
Another Dimension
Tell Me Your Name
Harry J. Krishna
His Murder Machine
To 2012
The Things They Showed Me
See You In The Next World

An absolutely amazing record. Helios brings in Jerry Page (Crust, Bontempi Brothers) to fill in on 2nd guitar and add even more dimension to Helios already 3D sound. Jerry plays guitar and a ton of other instruments as noted below, including the electric doorspring! Jeff Pinkus, (Butthole Surfers, Daddy Longhead, Honky) who has played on Helios records in the past, joins to contribute his signature bass playing as well as some banjo work. Helios is re-united with Fabienne Shine for the first time in over 20 years and she contributes some amazing vocals including a cover of the Velvet Underground's "All Tomorrow's Parties." "The Things They Showed Me," originally included on the Dossiers 2 compilation years ago, now it gets it's rightful place on a full length Helios record with even a little extra added to the beginning. There's even some theremin on this which adds a great, trippy, weird, sort of scifi movie effect to the record. Great album!

Helios Creed - guitar, vocals, bass, synth
Jerry Page - guitar, electric doorspring, organ, moog liberation
Paul Della Pelle - drums
Jeff Pinkus - bass, banjo
Blair Bovbjerg - theremin
Fabienne Shine – vocals

-Recorded in January 2005 in Austin, Texas

-This was first released at the 2006 SXSW Festival at the start of the Deep Blue Love Vacuum Tour

-The version released at the SXSW Festival with Mother Mary holding the rib was a limited edition of 300 copies

-The standard release along with a double LP version came out about a month later

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Limited Edition SXSW "rib" Cover:


Official Release normal Cover: