Helios Creed
On The Dark Side Of The Sun
Label: Staticwhitesound Records
Released: 2003

Space Sexy
The Summit
The Probe
Trailer Park Zombies
Lady Deville
Another Heartbreak
The Machine
The Eagle
Crusin’ The K
On The Dark Side Of The Sun

Sea Of Glass

Great record from beginning to end. A little sound experiment in the beginning with Space Sexy. The Summit is a sort of medieval ballad with acoustic guitar and Helios signature howling vocals reminiscent of old Chrome days. The Probe is a great little instrumental. Some really nice Chrome-esque guitar sounds in this one. Lady Deville is another eerie little acoustic song, Helios tribute to Mother Shipton, a 15th Century Prophet. Strangely enough, in recent years it's been found out that her prophecies have become very important for the research of Planet X/Nibiru. Dark Side Of The Sun is basically a cover of Black Sabbath's Sweet Leaf which Helios used to play at very early shows as a jam. Best record of the 2000's so far up to this point!

Helios Creed - guitar, vocals, noises
Noel Harris - drums
Jeff Stoller – bass

-CD Includes 2 additional video tracks; “Lactating Purple” and “Late Bloomer” from live on 3-23-03 at Duffy’s Tavern in Lincoln, NE