Angel Of The Clouds
Label: Dossier Records
Released: 2002

Death's Door
The Spider
Torque Pound
The Viewer
The Crimson Sea
Lost In Space
Down The Road
Take It For Me One More Time
Angel Of The Clouds

Some very cool sounds on this record. This was a tribute to Helios late friend/musical collaborator/fellow attendee of the School Of Chrome Learning, Damon Edge. Some tapes were dug up from the vaults and Helios added to them and here you have what might have sounded like Damon Edge and Helios Creed if they had reunited! I love the Chrome-style front cover of this, Damon Edge would have been proud! Helios plays on tracks 1 through 7, and then the remainder of the cd is Damon Edge and company.

Tracks 1-7:
Damon Edge - vocals, synthesizers
Helios Creed - guitar, bass, synthesizer, vocals
Tommy L. Cyborg - syntheziser
Nova Cain - guitar
Rodney Dangerous - bass guitar
Aleph - drums, percussion
Produced by Damon Edge & Helios Creed

Track 10:
Damon Edge - vocals, synthesizers, drum computers, percussion

Tracks 8, 9 & 11:
Damon Edge - vocals, synthesizers
Remy Devilla - guitar
Patrick Imbert - drums
Philippe Sautour - synthesizers
Pierre Roussel - bass